Hive World has evolved from 4 generations of beekeepers and a love for bees and the amazing contribution they make to nature. They have assisted mankind for thousands of years and are continuing to do so with all their might.

So we felt that the industry as a whole, and hobbyist beekeepers also, were not being looked after well enough, with the supplies they need, and the service was poor. In order to change this Hive World was born, with a focus on service and support 2nd to none. The team at Hive World are extremely Customer focused, and a culture and hum exists, to move mountains to meet customer’s demand. With that in mind we invite you to experience the difference when you purchase from us and we promise you won’t be disappointed. All our products are covered by a full money back guarantee within 10 days, if you are not entirely delighted with the product, providing it is sent back in the same new condition it left us, so this means you can invest with confidence knowing there is no risk to you. We look forward to making your experience a great one