Another addition to our lineup of unique products, these B J Sherriff products are world renowned to be the best available. Full suits, jackets smocks and veils are available in a range of colours.

We stock the Apiarist full beesuit. White,Mocha, and Khaki being the most popular colours. The khaki suit is specially produced for those working in Kiwifruit orchards at night as the bees seem to take less notice of them than white suits.

Also in stock are their Washable Leather Gloves (and we all know how dirty they get!) and  the

Handy Hood. This is a self supporting beekeepers hood that can be worn with standard clothing.


Apiarist Lilac

Apiarist Lime

Apiarist Peach

Apiarist Pink

Apiarist Buttermilk

Apiarist Khaki

Apiarist Mocha

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