Hive World now stock the Aspivenin First Aid Kit to treat bites and stings.  This amazing product is imported from France.

Aspivenin removes the source of irritation and brings immediate relief.  It is reusable so there is only a one off cost. Easy to carry and easy to use.

This patented medical device (class 1) is a suction mini-pump which painlessly removes all the injected venom from insects, rash inducing plants or sea creatures. It has a double chamber system with an extended locking piston which causes an instant and permanent suction of approximately 800 millibars (10 x mouth suction)

For bee stings, do not remove the sting before using as its presence facilitates the extraction of the venom.

Effective against –

  • Bee stings
  • Wasp stings
  • White tail spider bites
  • Katipo spider bites
  • Mosquito and sandfly bites
  • Nettle.

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Aspivenin® pump



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