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If you are harvesting your honey (and let’s face it, what else do you keep bees for?) you will need to feed your bees sugar syrup through the winter to keep them alive and ready to go when the spring honey flow starts.  Sugar syrup is generally mixed at a ratio of 2 parts sugar to one of water for maintenance feeding throught the winter. When accelerating the colony or queen-rearing use a lighter syrup of 1-1 parts.

We have a wide range of feeders for you to select from for the feeding method that best suits you and your bees.

Our frame feeders are excellent value for money and of good quality construction for in-super feeding.  Both full-depth styles have ladders and caps to prevent drowning.  The 3/4 depth 2 compartment feeder makes it easy to feed two different products at the same time.

The top feeders are an easy-to-use method and work best with a hivemat underneath with a small opening to allow the bees access to the feeder, and a 1/3Depth super frame surround.  This sits under your lid and (optional) top hive mat.  The bees are fully sheltered by the fitted lid of the feeder as they come up to feed and are protected from drowning by the entrance guard.

External hive options include the portable entrance feeders (used with a plastic fizzy drink bottle) and the compact feeders with tumbler.

PROBEE41 is an excellent additive to use with sugar syrup in your feeders.  This nutritious product provides all the goodies your bees need to develop strong healthy constitutions, increasing your brood laying and resistance to disease.

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