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Hive management

Hive Management is the nitty-gritty of caring for your buzzing beauties.  We stock a range of products to assist you in coping with the reality of  thousands of bees in situ.

A good Smoker is an essential aid in your hive management.   Hive World carries two styles, the Standard (Large or Medium) and the European style with an inner tank for longer life.  We also provide handy 8-packs of Smoker Bombs for a grab-and-go fuel option.  These are made from recycled corrugated cardboard and weathered hessian sacking.

If you are only planning a quick check we recommend Apifuge, our deterrent spray from Thomas Apiculture in France.  This product can be sprayed on your hands and clothing to keep the bees off.

If you have hives in distant locations that are not easy to access on a regular basis you need a HiveWatch hive management system.  You will be able to watch the hive activity and weight variances and know if anything untoward has occurred.   This product is ideally suited to the small commercial or serious hobbyist who is not able to spend large sums on expensive satellite monitoring systems but still requires up-to-the-minute information on their apiaries.

Our swarm attractant, Charme Abeilles is a useful aid when you need to re-house a swarm or encourage your bees to shift home.  This product is available in both paste and aerosol options.  Once again, this is a trusted product from Thomas Apiculture.

Hive Tools

Browse our stock of quality hive tools for getting to grips with the internals.   These include the world-beating Jakel Multiwakant  from Germany and our own HiveWorld manufactured Big Brute Hive Tool.   The Queen Excluder Cleaning Shovel  is a handy tool to keep the gaps open for the workers to get through.  Frame Grips to lift the frames out and Frame Perches to hang them on while you are investigating your hive interior are also helpful.

Propolis Solvent is an amazingly effective product for cleaning up afterwards.   This Thomas spray cleans propolis off your tools and clothing as well as tiles and stainless steel.

We have several Bee Escape options as well as an Assembled 8-Way Escape Board for getting the bees out of the honey super for extraction.  The trusty Bee Brush is also a good way of clearing the bees gently.

Oxalic acid is an eco-friendly alternative for treating varroa that has a great future.

Hive World stocks the Sublimox APF+ oxalic sublimator which is an excellent tool for the commercial beekeeper.  As a natural supplement, our 100% plant-based PROBEE41 Bee Supplement contains thyme and eucalyptus oils (amongst other natural plant-based products) which are both natural varroa deterrents.  This nutritious supplement will strengthen your hive in every way.

Don’t forget that every super taken in for harvesting has to be marked with your registration number.  Our Hive Stencil makes this job a breeze.

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