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Hive World carry the complete range of hiveware components necessary to set up your beehives.  Our HiveWorld Starter Pack contains everything you need (apart from the bees) to get going.

Our quality galvanised hive lids, hive mats, supers and baseboards as well as the wooden frames are all sourced from reputable New Zealand suppliers and are available as kitset for economy or can be made up on demand.

We stock frame wire and rivets to make up your full-depth wooden frames with crimp tools and wire embedders to do the job properly with wax foundation (medium, heavy and manuka grade for wiring, thin for comb honey);    Plastic Quick-Clip Frames for using with wax foundation and Comb Honey Cassettes  as well as Full Depth Plastic Comb Foundation with and without Frame and 3/4 Depth Plastic Comb Foundation with Frame.

Our plastic Queen Excluders are a good value product that eliminates the worry of rusting metal in your hive.  This style is gentle on the bees wings.  Queen Excluder Shovels are available to clean these.  To keep pests out, our metal Entrance Reducers are a great option, especially for the winter months.

To hold your hives together we have two options of strapping available:  galvanised metal emlock with metal strap and a plated ratchet with nylon strap.

To add an extra dimension to your hive’s productivity, we stock propolis mats and pollen traps  (and pollen shovels for easy collection) so you can harvest these amazing products as well.

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