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Honey Extraction

Honey Extraction is the best part of beekeeping. Hive World carries a range of equipment needed to make this job simpler and less messy.

Our useful uncapping tray holds the frame at an easy angle to allow the honey to drain into the large capacity tank.   You can slice the cappings off with either our electric or serrated uncapping knife.  Otherwise, you can prick your comb with our uncapping roller or use a capping scratcher.  This handy tool is also useful for checking your brood health.

Don’t forget wax is almost as important a commodity as honey these days. Wax needs separating from the slum gum to be ready for reuse.  The stainless steel double strainer or the nylon cappings strainer (this can be used in the extractor) are great for this.  Our stainless steel wax press is also a good choice for this job.

Our economical 4-frame electrical extractor takes all the effort out of extracting.  20L pails with lid and honey gate are perfect for storing your honey.  The pail perch is a nifty device which holds your pail until the last drop of honey drains out.  Hive World also stock a large 80L (100kg) heated honey tank with a thermostat for accuracy.

An exciting new product is the Automatur Honey Bottler manufactured in Italy which works by automatically operating your honey gate.

We stock the Robinet honey gate from Thomas Apiculture in France which makes a very clean cut off with no drips.  Thomas also manufactures a large range of extractors, uncapping machines, honey pumps, wax melters and honey processors.

Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a quote for these quality products.

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