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20 litre pail with honey gate


Hive World’s 20 litre food grade poly pail comes complete with honey gate and sealable lid.  Easy to hold handle with plastic bail for good grip.

Great to store your honey in till you are ready to process it.  The honey gate makes it easy to empty the full pail without unnecessary lifting.

See our pail perch for a nifty way of emptying your pail completely.

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  • Description
  • Description

    Hive World’s 20 litre honey pail:

    • Comes complete with a honey gate so you can easily empty the pail without unnecessary lifting or difficult pouring manoeuvres with attendant spillages.  (For really draining the last drop, we recommend our nifty pail perch HCM-PP-1).
    • Great for storing honey as the sealable plastic lid  keeps the honey in good condition until you are ready to process it.
    • Constructed from strong food grade poly plastic therefore suitable to safely handle your high quality honey.
    • An easy grip plastic bail on the handle makes this pail comfortable for carrying.
    • Manageable size for transporting without too much effort or back strain.