Beehive starter package


The Hive World Beehive Starter Package is the easy way to get all the components you need to begin your beekeeping adventures.  The only thing you need to add is the most important …the BEES!

Includes the following –

  • 2 x assembled full depth paraffin dipped and painted hive boxes
  • 20 x full depth wax coated plastic frames
  • 1 x hive base assembled with entrance reducer
  • 1 x top feeder with lid, 1 x 1/3 depth wooden rim,
  • 1 x hive mat, 1 x galv hive lid, 1 x queen excluder, 1 x hive strap.
  • 1 x regular beesuit,  1 x leather beekeepers gloves.
  • 1 x smoker, 1 x hive tool, 1 x bee brush.
  • “Starting with Bees” book

Please specify beesuit and glove size in the notes box at checkout.

“I liked the fact that you could buy the complete hive with all the tools, suit as a single package rather than having to buy all of the individual components!

And I’d recommend to anyone else looking at starting beekeeping as well”  (H.C.)

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