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Nicot type queen rearing kit


A complete Nicot type queen rearing kit. This kit eliminates the need for grafting by having the queen secured in the cage so she lays directly into the cups.  No need for delicate handling of the larvae.  Requires much less supervision by the beekeeper.  Re-usable:  you can purchase additional cell cups

See our video link for easy-to-follow instructions for use.

Contains –

  • 1 Cupularvae cell grid
  • 110 brown cell cups
  • 10 brown cell fixtures
  • 10 yellow cell cup holders
  • 10 hair roller cages
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  • Description
  • Description

    Complete Nicot type queen rearing kit.  Features:

    • eliminates need for grafting as queen lays directly into the cups.
    • no need for delicate handling of the larvae.
    • requires much less supervision by the beekeeper.
    • you can purchase additional cell-cups to re-use the set.