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Beehive Smoker Stainless Steel Large Barrel with Leather Bellows


Hive World’s Large Smoker can hold more fuel so gives you a longer smoking time.

The most important piece of beekeepers equipment – used to calm the bees so they are less likely to sting.  Smoke masks the alarm pheromones so the bees don’t go on the attack.  Don’t overdo the smoke in your enthusiasm however, as you might provoke an unwanted reaction.  A few little puffs should do the trick.

A few practical tips:  never put your smoker down on dry grass, or leave unattended.  When finished block up the entrance with green grass.  Carry in a metal box in your vehicle.

The wraparound shield is an added feature to help prevent accidental burns.

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  • Description

    Hive World’s Stainless Steel Smoker Large Barrel with Corium Leather Bellows features:

    • wrap-around shield to protect you from accidental burns.
    • corium leather is more resistant to wear and tear than grain leather providing durable bellows for longer life.
    • large diameter barrel therefore easier to light.
    • 100mm x 190mm high, enables you to burn more fuel for a longer smoking time.

    Safety Precautions:

    • Always take care not to leave your smoker near any flammable material.
    • When travelling place your smoker in a metal box or tray.
    • When you have finished with your smoker stuff the opening with green grass.

    Remember – a common mistake with newbie beekeepers is to puff an unnecessary amount of smoke into the hive.  A couple of gentle puffs into the entrance, and then when you open the hive up, a few gentle puffs over the frames.  This is generally sufficient to calm your bees.   Otherwise put the lid on quick and head for the hills !!!!!!

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