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Wax melting pot / Bain Marie


The Hive World 2.6L Wax Melting Pot / Bain Marie is a safe and simple way to melt down your beeswax for candle-making, wax spraying etc.

Fill the outer chamber with water and melt your beeswax on the stove.  You cannot overheat the wax with this pot.  Easy to pour from.

Also useful for melting chocolate, making custards and lemon honey amongst other culinary delights!

For the smaller 1.3L pot see

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  • Description
  • Description

    The Hive World 2.6L Wax Melter/Bain-Marie:

    • Simply fill the outer wall with water and heat pot on stove.
    • Easiest way to melt your beeswax for candle-making, wax-spraying.
    • Safe and mess-free.
    • Pours nicely from the pot (we’ve proved it!).
    • You cannot overheat the wax.
    • Use for melting chocolate, making custard and lemon honey.